Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars - Ina's Garden - #2

This is our second time linking to Ina's Garden and it is an exciting time for all the hosts.  Each of us made this recipe and from day 1, we all anticipated a delicious bar  cookie.  We were not disappointed.  Indeed, our sweet treat was a success.  If you can check out the other bakers,  you will find that we varied our interpretation of the cookie.  One can easily select the jelly of preference.  The blogs and hosts are listed directly below.

We are presently posting twice a month.  On the first Thursday of the month, we cook a recipe, together with all of you who would like to join, in the fun.  On the third Thursday, we all cook from a generalized topic.  For example, our first one is Pasta with Pizazz which means we are looking into all of Ina's wonderful pasta recipes.  I have made her mac and cheese with tomatoes which was very good.

You can find her recipes in her many cookbooks and online.  We would love for you, to join us.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars (recipe is on Chunklet's blog)

Like the orange loaf, from two weeks ago, I baked this before Passover and it is but a dim memory, at this point.  All, I do remember, is that this was a good cookie and brought memories of the PB & J sandwiches, I had as a child.  Mom always had Welch's grape jelly, in the house and I brought to school, either this or cream cheese and jelly.  I loved those sandwiches and they sound pretty good, to me, right now.  I can recreate the taste of these combinations.
Hopefully, by the time, we post our pasta recipes, I will be able to sound intelligent about what went into making my pasta.  I am looking forward to that.  I find this to be totally enjoyable.

I hope you will join us and enjoy yourself, as we do.


  1. Your PB&J Bars look yummy, Chaya! Weren't they amazing! This is definitely a recipe I will be making again :)

  2. Lovely looking bars! Nice take on the recipe :) Well done

  3. Oh they sure do look yummy Chaya!
    I jus baked them but had probs with the oven too hot again , but tomrw hopefully the technician will come in.
    WIll write soon.

  4. Peanut jelly bar looks awesome.

  5. Your bars look delicious! I'm glad they brought back childhood memories for you!


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