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Baking with Dorie post twice a month and I must admit, I feel a sense of anticipation, as that day rolls around.  At times, it is because I still hadn't baked that week's tempting treat.  At other times, I can't wait to see the baking of our other members.  Will mine look like theirs?  Did I make it my own style?  What flavor are they making the bake? When, I visit the other blogs, I always learn something, I could apply, to my general baking.

This week, we are baking Fluted Ricotta Cake. My Ricotta cake has a strong lemony taste but I had thought about making it orange.  In the end, I stuck with what Dodie had posted.  I am guessing, orange would be as good and I might just try that.

The recipe flowed smoothly.  I made it gluten-free and I used oil instead of the butter, cutting the oil, one tablespoon short.  Perhaps, this is why, my cake took double the time, to bake.  Every five minutes, I took it out, dug a knife into its heart and it came out wet.  What a great way to get rid of your inhibitions, play, " stab the cake."

After about six tries, it came out dry but I could see a puddle, in the middle of the cake, small but significant.  At that point, I did not care.  Out came the cake.  What a wonderful cake!  The flavor was a strong lemon, overpowering the ricotta but allowing a little of the cheese flavor to get through.  The fragrance of lemon from the time, I zested it to the first bite was delightful.

The genius who selected this recipe, is my buddy, Mia.  Mia does magic when she decorates.  Anyone who has seen her creations, knows that she can't follow a recipe.  No, she has to enhance it, making every baked good she makes, an original.  What a strength to have!  You really must stop at her blog and look it over.  It is filled with love and good cheer.

You might like to join us and bake with us twice a month.  We have such good recipes coming up. We would love to have you.  Let Grapefruit know at Baking with Dorie.

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  1. I had been really, really looking forward to this one & had even planned on making my own Ricotta. However, my oven has other plans :(

    Thanks for the wonderful post & for baking along with us this week !

  2. Awww Chaya, why am i so late here?
    THannxx a bunch for ur words and thoughts , they mean the world to me and more ...
    Am so glad u liked the cake and i am baking it tonight too, am so sorry am late but my brand new oven has a thermostat that doesnt function and gets too hot , they were here for quite some time today morn!
    And its gng to take a week for the company to send a new one , i have a time consuming trick and have to watch my bake with eagle eyes and think the best time to do it is late evening when have nothing else am attending to.
    And i have some fresh figs too!

  3. Made a variation of this yesterday and it came out great. My husband said it tasted like cool farina, but in a very good way! :)

  4. Hey Sweety pie , i baked this and posted it too:-))

  5. Chaya, so sorry I didn't comment earlier and left you stranded. I did finally get the cake done. Left out the figs. I also wondered how it would taste with orange, and I'm sure it'd be great. I still loved the lemon zest and agree with you that this is a super cake.


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