Save Time Tip of the Week # 3 - STT

STT   Keep dried spices on hand, even though,  you use fresh spices, most of the time.

There are times, we are too busy or too tired to clean and chop fresh spices and rather than skip the flavor, grab a bottle of the dried spice and use it.

Also, make up ahead of time spice mixes, your chili mix, garam masala, curry or any that you use often.  You will be thankful, each time, you do not have to put these together.  If you do not want to purchase spice bottles, get some of the plastic with tight fitting lids in very small sizes and use that.  Make sure to label it.


  1. I like making premixed spices like you've referred to here with my dried spices. They make delicious rubs for meats. Sometimes I warm them up in a dry pan to freshen the flavor. Great suggestions!


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