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Another baking with Dorie week.  I really enjoy these even when I don't love the bake.  It challenges me and teaches me and expands my horizons.  This week, we made scones and they are not my favorite but my husband likes them.  I made them gluten free for hubby and all went well.  You would think that after all these years of baking gluten-free, I would not be surprised when something turns out.  Gluten-free baking is delicious.

Despite, knowing they would be delicious, I did not have my heart in it.  Sorry Tina.  Tina from My Domestic Bliss selected this recipe and it was a good choice despite my hesitancy.  Tina is a fantastic baker and I think you would enjoy checking out what she has done.  Enjoy.
You can find the recipe for these scones there.

Scones are not difficult to make except when I shape them.  Does anyone else have that problem?  I can't seem to get symmetrical scones.  Such is life.  If you look at mine, you will see a variety of shapes and sizes.

Although, I am lukewarm, I go by my hubby's call and he thought they were great so Dorie has another success on her hands and so do you, Tina.

If you are interested in having fun with us and bake twice a month or at least once a month contact Grapefruit and she will add you to the roster.  Grapefruit started this baking group, a little over a year ago and we have had a blast, conquering and sometimes falling.  It is worth joining to see my mistakes.

I scattered some finely chopped nuts on top of the cookies.

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  1. I have never baked gluten free , but i do admire u and yeah m sure its a wonderful when they taste fantastic.
    Yeah , i love it too , expanding my horizons too , there is sooo muc to learn no and its thannxx to u that i have found many a wonderful groups and am glad for them :-))
    I have baked scones only once or twice beffore i begun blogging so i really would know but baking scones is definitely on my list.

  2. Your scones look just perfect! What's wrong with the shape? Nothing at all! The beauty of scones, I think, is that they don't have to be perfectly shaped and the more rustic & homey they look the better. You did great!
    Thanks for baking with us this week!

  3. These look lovely. I like the rough homey shape of scones. SO inviting!
    How did you make them gluten free?

  4. These look good, especially with the sprinkling of nuts!

  5. This is extraordinary and lovely! I'm a new blogger and now Im your follower too.. thanks! www.cookiedropletsetcbymarelie.com

  6. I'm glad your husband enjoyed them- it's great that you're baking along with the gluten-free parameter.


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