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This week, the cooks of French Fridays with Dorie made a fabulous pasta dish.  When, I first read about it, I hesitated before seriously considering cooking it.  It is different from anything, I have ever made.  What I learned, is always give a recipe a try.  You might be pleasantly surprised.  We were.  We enjoyed every bite.

A mixture of pasta, pistachios, almonds, figs, raisins, Parmesan and orange, to my way of thinking, have nothing to do with each other.  Although, I like pasta with nuts, figs and raisins just did not belong.  As it turned out, I had no figs, which is a major ingredient, but it still ended up going together beautifully.  I also could not see the Parmesan which ended up giving it the salty taste, it needed.

You can find this recipe on page 171 in Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan.  I enjoy this book as much for the vignettes as for the recipes.  Stop by French Fridays with Dorie FFwD to see what the other participants made.


  1. I had the same hesitation you did but I ended up loving the dish too! Wasn't it fun to try something so totally different and love it?

  2. Dorie's anecdotes definitely help every dish become a little more special!

  3. Wasn't it such a nice suprise on how this one turned out! Who knew?

  4. I was so with you on the hesitation! But it's almost like that drama of being ready to hate it made me love it so much more! Now this kind of drama I can get on board with!
    It's great to know others had the same experience!

  5. We're on Martha Mondays and FFwD together. How about that? This was a good pasta dish, I think it had some Middle Eastern influences. Nice to experiment and be pleasantly surprised, isn't it? We really liked ours, too!


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