Humorous Spinach Ravioli

Usually, I have little to say about my weekly Donna Hay recipe for WwDH (Wednesdays with Donna Hay) except that the dish was yummy, easy to make and used available ingredients. This week is a different story, thanks to Gaye who selected the Spinach Ravioli with Basil Oil found in Donna's book, Seasons, on page 174.  It was not easy for me, nor did I have all the ingredients, nor did I think to use them, even when I did have them.  Great way to start.

Ravioli to me is an Italian dish with tomato sauce - boring probably but good. To make ravioli with Vietnamese paper rolls and lemon juice sounded out of kilter to me.  The cheeses were right (Oy vey, I forgot the Mozzarella).  Just another mistake in this recipe for me.   Give me credit, I did use Ricotta and Parmesan.  What's a little Mozzarella? 

I started off feeling lost and never caught up.  I didn't have the paper rolls so I used so I used rice paper which should have worked beautifully.  They certainly worked for Brittany, where you will find the correct recipe.  Note, she actuallty used the rice paper. I only thought I did.

I boiled the first one which was too large and promptly fell apart.  I could have predicted that.  I read what was on the packager of rice paper and it said to fry.  Out went the boiling water and in came the oil and frying pan.  Actually, the instructions said to deep fry and these would have turned out a lot better, if I had but I just can't seem to put food in all that oil so I simply fried and ended up with lots of gritty "ravioli", if you have a good imagination.

I made the basil oil but after frying these, there was no way to add more oil to this dish and it also went to the side.  

While all this is going on, I am glopping spoonfuls of the ricotta-spinach mixture both into the pan and on the stove top.  How silly of me?

You will be surprised that this has a happy ending; these were delicious, not at all like ravioli  but really good.

You will probably not be surprised that this also had an unhappy ending and my husband after eating three of these asked what these were made of  and I assured him, it was rice.  He mentioned reading the ingredients and seeing wheat in the list.  Another, "oy vey".  He was right and I am waiting for him to be feeling ill, later.  He is probably waiting also but I am hiding in under the sink, typing this at my special hidden away computer that he does not know about.  If you believe this last sentence, I will sell you the Brookly  Bridge.

Now, for the fabulous photos.  Do, please, check out the other members who I am sure will be less amusing but may have real food, for you to admire ............ please do come back again.  I will try to behave myself.

Looking like an egg roll

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  1. I love ravioli, but never had any like this. Wish I had a big dish now.

  2. Chaya,
    If I didn't see the word disaster on the plate and then read your over the edge story, I actually thought the bowl looked delicious! Despite the disaster , how did it taste? Looks good to me!!..

    1. It tasted just fine and I also thought the bowl looked good but it was not what it was supposed to me.

  3. I tried the rice paper as well - major mistake. I ended up nuking the ones I had not tried to boil. They simple fell apart. Wonton wrappers - also tended to dissolve if boiled too long oy vey. Guess we will have to find some gow gee wrappers somewhere.
    Good idea to fry them!!

  4. LOL - I like your "egg rolls". I had never heard of gow gee wrappers before this, but I found them next to the wonton wrappers in the deli section of my supermarket. No idea of how they are different to wonton wrappers, but clearly they must be.

  5. Happy Endings are always nice and this recipe looks great. Hope you are having a great day and thanks so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday this week.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen


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