Passover Cookbooks

These are the Pesach (Passover) cookbooks, I use to help me make a tasty holiday.  I put stars next to my favorits and the ones, I get the most recipes from.  I use some every year and others, I make a point of trying new ones or different versions.

I am not advertising these books but I included the Amazon links if you want to find out more information about each.  For those of you who are cooking for Pesach, enjoy the preparation.  Try not to get hassled.  Take breaks throughout the day and try to do your prep work sitting down.  I don't have back problems but I find that cooking throughout the day is causing me some discomfort and sitting down makes a difference.

I enjoy cooking so this part is fun and that includes washing dishes.  I love using practically new dishes and utensils.  Even though the same dishes come out year after year and have done so for decades, they are like new, only being used for a little over a week.  

I also pamper myself with gadgets to make the cooking as enjoyable as possible.  Each year, I buy an inexpensive item which makes a difference.  Don't laugh.  This year, I got myself a two cup glass measuring cup.  Yes, I have a one cup and a quart sized but I find that the one I need the most is the two cup so that was my indulgence.  Another year, I was a bit more extravagant and got myself a food processor and another year, a hand mandolin.  When you spend so much time chopping and slicing, these make a big difference.

Back tot he kitchen I go.

Product DetailsA Taste of Pesach   *******

Product DetailsPassover by Design

Product DetailsDining In on Pesach   ******

Product DetailsBalabuste's Choice

Product DetailsPesach - Anything's Possible   *********


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