Crispy "Parmesan" Chicken Breasts -- EwE

Margaret at Tea and Scones selected this dish for our weekly Eating with Ellie.  I really couldn't make it since as a kosher cook, I don't combine cheese and poultry or meat.  Dairy and meat are kept completely separate even to the point that we don't eat them at the same meal.

I did make the chicken dish without the Parmesan but the cheese is really the star of this recipe.

You can see what the other women made by visiting the Ellie website.

Next week, we will be making Peach Chicken with Crispy Bread Crumbs.

Are you an Ellie fan or do you want to simply try out a new cook or new recipes?  We welcome you to join us.  There are no requirements and the participants are the most warm and friendly group of women.  Just link up at Eating with Ellie.   (EwE)


  1. Your crust looks good Chaya - what did you use instead of parmesan?

  2. Always nice to learn about other food restrictions that you follow, makes for interesting reading. Your chicken looks marvelous as well!

  3. Glad you liked it. I think leaving off the parm wouldn't have hurt this. It's all about the seasoning.


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