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I hate to admit it but last week, I completely forgot about my Donna Hay commitment and didn't remember until days after.  Usually, I am looking forward to making our designated dish but I guess, I was so busy prepping for school that it fell off the radar.  My apologies to my Donna Hay cooking mates.

I am back, this week, with the cutest little Honey Cakes.  I subbed oil for the butter and cut back on the amount by a tablespoon.  I used gluten-free flour instead of  what was called "normal" flour.  I also must have left them in a minute or two too long determined by the color around the edges.

I thought the honey taste was too strong.  We were supposed to top these with double cream (what is that?) and more honey.  I could not imagine adding more honey or even confectioner's sugar so I served them plain.  Hubby was pleased and did not complain about the sweetness.  Do you think he has been hiding his sweet tooth from me, all these years?

We don't usually bake so this was a real treat thanks to Margaret who chose this recipe.

Stop off at  Gaye, Margaret, Sarah and Kayte  and see what they have done with these little gems.


  1. Glad you enjoyed them. I thought they needed a little more honey~~ green neck ties.

    They look just fine to me. I topped mine with whipped cream.

  2. They look delish - glad your hubby liked them.

  3. Beautiful - I kind of like the dark outsides. Very rustic. :) "Rustic" is my way of describing anything that comes out looking less photogenic that Donna Hay's! Ha.

    Huh, what does "green neck ties" mean, Margaret?

  4. "Double cream" is also called Devon cream or clotted cream. basically, it's the cream on *top* of the cream. It can be pourable or a thick buttery substance created by gentle cooking. Look up a recipe for clotted cream, and you'll see what I mean.


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