Bizzy the Explorer - Week 2

 It is time for Bizzy the Explorer to set out on new trails to new places over mountains and across streams to find Cats and Casserole.  

This is the first time, I have visited Abby at her blog.  As an good explorer would do, I looked around corners and under the sink and I found out a lot about Abby and her blog.  

First, in her own words, "I'm an obsessed home cook who is always experimenting in the kitchen. Here is where I share all sorts of fantastic recipes and more."

We will take her word for this. Far be it, for me, after peeking in her refrigerator, to discuss whether she is obsessed or not.  I will stick to the facts as  I see them.

The blog began in March and if you think this is a food blog, look at the first photo.  I told you, I looked everywhere.  Her cat, Sundae, cute as can be.

What about the casseroles, you ask.

Smart Way to Cook

The truth is, this is a balanced blog with lots of tempting desserts, like this one.

It is time for you to do the exploring.  Go on over, say "hello" and see what you can find, to eat.


  1. Hello! Please come to I have the Triple Cute Award for you. Copy and paste it.
    Love your blog. Pat

  2. Thank you for introducing a delicious blog to us. I am off to check Abby out.


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