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I remember when I taught Explorers to my class.  This has always been an exciting unit because the material on the explorers found, was new to my class.  They became explorers along with Magellan, Da Gama, and Hudson with the open minds of youth.  They were entranced with Ponce de Leon and his Fountain of Youth.   We traveled over oceans, trekked through jungles, climbed mountains, hacking down trees, along the way. It was a magical time for the students as they explored new territory.

Bizzy is as much an explorer as Christopher Columbus.  Bizzy seeks new destinations and a more thorough trip through familiar lands.  Each week, Bizzy is filled with admiration for the bloggers and blogs, she comes across on her journeys.    Marco Polo discovered spices and silks.  Bizzy discovers recipes, methods, chefs and hints and wants to share them with you.

If you know a blog, a food site, a chef who deserves to be visited, please let me know and Bizzy will visit them and explore their particular brand of Foodieism. Spell Check is not going to like my last word.

I am going to start with a blog and recipe that beckons to me.  This is not a new blog, nor is it a blog that needs to be pointed out.  In fact, it is well established and beloved.  It is our own Mother Rimmy's Cooking Light Done Right.  Each time, I visit there, I find buried treasure.  I rarely leave without a new recipe.

"What Will You Find Here?  Your resource for hundreds of healthy meal ideas. Every recipe includes nutrition information and Weight Watchers points, so you can feel good about the food you eat. "

What is left out of Mother Rimmy's description is that her recipes are filled with flavor and often unique.  I would like to spotlight, one that I am waiting to make, using ripe avocados.



Avocado Soup -   Many of us love avocados but how many of us thought of making soup with those leftover mushy avocados?  What a fabulous idea, one of many, you will find at Mother Rimmy's.

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 Now is your opportunity to benefit from Mother Rimmy's Cooking Light Done Right.

Become an explorer too.  Share with me a blog that intrigues you and will send me exploring.

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  1. Bizzy, thank you so much! I am truly honored that you would write this post about my blog. What a terrific idea - Bizzy the Explorer. You are so creative! I'll look forward to exploring with you. :)

  2. I love exploring when it comes to exploring new blogs! What a fun feature!

  3. I love exploring new blogs too. I have some that I revisit but there are so many out there. I always read my daughter's and my daughter in laws....of course. My son and d in law live in she blogs of their adventures there. My daughter blogs craft projects and decorating....and an occasional recipe.
    Thanks for sharing at Tuesday's Tasty Tidbits, Ms.Chaya.


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