Bizzy the Explorer - Week 4

 I am Bizzy the Explorer.  I am not happy with how Chaya was leading us on adventures, so I am taking over and she is resting.  I want to explore leftover turkey recipes.  That is what people really want.

Actually, I have a list of dishes, I have been wanting to make but Chaya was not agreeable and would not buy the ingredients.  I am changing this.  (Please don't tell her.)

This week, I have been traveling over mountains and beyond the oceans to find good leftover turkey recipes and I certainly found them.  You will have to track down the ingredients and I will help by giving you the addresses for the instructions.

We know that many of you are still eating turkey and are wondering what else can I possibly do with it.  Keeping in mind, "waste not-want not", I have come up with these wonderful recipes from our fellow bloggers.

First Stop: Finding Joy in My Kitchen - Roasted Veggie Sandwiches.
Berurrista has a Turkey, roasted red pepper, pepper jack panini
Turkey Caesar Sandwich
I hope you like my way of exploring and what I have discovered.  I can't wait to explore again.


  1. thanks, bizzy the intrepid explorer, for finding my panini.

    hope you had a great thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks for the feature! Love the panini...

  3. yummy looking dishes Bizzy
    the apricot chutney can be served with rice, bread and flat breads as a side hope you get to try looking forward to hear :)
    regards Akheela

  4. Fun idea! And lots of tasty dishes. I think it would be wrong to keep this from Chaya. ;-)

  5. Thank you for this tasty dishes... I really love it! :)

    pre workout supplement

  6. In my opinion, exploring through food is the only way to do it!

    I need to check out those tortellini!


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