Dear fellow bloggers,

My apologies for not getting the weekly meatless Monday post out but. at the last minute, I had to go out of town, and there was no time.

If you heard the stories of JFK closing down several times, the past few days, you may have a clue what I have been doing.  Sitting in crowded airports and sitting on crowded planes that stayed in one place.  I am pleased to say, I handled this well, little frustration and a good attitude.  I am getting to a point in life where so much is just not that important and that it can be handled with a smile.

It also gave me time to think about how I am feeling about this blog.  It has become static and I am getting bored or even burnt out so I am going to make some changes.  It has been a while since I have linked up recipes except on two or three sites and I have left messages at even less although I have enjoyed visiting many of you quietly.  My heart has not been in this.

I am going to continue posting recipes but I want to write more about life and food thoughts.  I am putting my linky and yours on hold.  I do want to visit other bloggers and leave messages.  I do want to participate in my cooking groups.  I want only to do what is interesting to me, at the present time, and hope that what will come out of this is something more interesting to you and to me.
Please bear with me if the road is a little bumpy but watch for some changes. If you have suggestions, shout them out.  I am interested.


  1. Chaya, sometimes I feel the same way. Taking some time off helps a lot! When blogging becomes a "have to" instead of a "want to," I find it best to step away. Follow your heart--whatever you changes you choose will be great.

  2. Gosh Chaya, sorry to hear that you have been caught in all that chaos! Saw it on the news here. I would not have been as sanguine - I would have gone crazy. I have felt the same on and off about my own blog. I enjoy the social aspect of groups but was in too many for my time resources, so I dropped two last year and it has been a relief. Otherwise, my blog is all about me and what I like and what I want to record - I am not making a career or money out of it, it is just a forum for me to socialise with like minded people and a record of what I am baking. I hope you find a happy medium and I look forward to cooking with you for WWDH again this year.

  3. Don't apologize!! I've been wondering how on earth you keep up the blogging pace that you have! I've really enjoyed you blogs, and while I'll miss the daily input, I'm also glad for you to be taking it easy. Best wishes!


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