Penne with Grape Tomatoes and Spinach,

For this week, Peggy  has chosen a delectable and simple dish, Penne with Grape tomatoes and Spinach.  This is representative, in my opinion, of Ellie Krieger dishes, simple, healthy and yummy.  It is a light dish despite it being pasta.  The tomatoes and Parmesan gave it strength in flavor.  Since I could not use garlic, one of the main components in the dish, I added an onion, chopped and cooked.  I added the tomatoes to the onions and just kept adding.

Since we love spinach, I tend to throw into many dishes but this one called for it.  You can imagine how this sold the recipe before I even made it.  This would make a great veggie dish without the pasta and with additional vegetables.

As usual as for years, this is another Ellie dish, this family likes a lot.  It feels good to be cooking  her recipes on a regular basis.  It brings back happy memories of the weekly cheers that went up, in our house, when we had yet another successful Ellie Krieger speciality or just a simple one like the above.

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  1. I feel that way about Ellie dishes as well, we all always really like them. I make some of them over and over and over and when I don't, there is a request for them. :-) I think onions were a good choice to give it a nice flavor, although I am totally in love with those little toasted garlic chips. :-) I, too, throw spinach into as many dishes as I can, we all just really like it a lot, in salads or in soups or in other dishes as well.

  2. The garlic was pretty strong in this. Im sure the onions worked well as a substitute. Glad you like this. I thought it was a pretty dish.

  3. Sad that you missed out on that other layer of flavor, but I know the onions lent a great taste just the same. I know what you mean about cooking group discoveries! Yes....there are recipes that have caught on here, too. We're looking forward to experiencing more and more of Ellie's recipes! Shhh....I think I'd have liked regular macaroni better too!

  4. This was good, wasn't it. And I had all the ingredients on hand.

  5. Looks delicious. Thanks for linking up to Sweet and Savoury Sunday, stop by and link up again. Have a great day!! Laura@Baking in Pyjamas

  6. That's what I like about Ellie's dishes. You can always sub in something and it still comes out tasty.


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