Grilled Tandoori Chicken Breasts - Ellie Krieger

Glennis selected Grilled Tandoori Chicken Breasts from Weeknight Wonders - page 137. I think the world of Glennis. In the short time, I have known her, she has been a positive force and a happy voice within our group. Please explain to me how this lovely woman sent us out to grill in a temperature of only a few degrees.

I do forgive her though since this was a fabulous dish and we both ate every bite and wanted more. I served it with a spicy quinoa dish with red bell pepper. They went well together.

I did have to make a major change since the recipe called for yogurt and as a kosher cook, I don't use dairy and meat together.  Thanks to Tofutti sour cream - I had a good substitute.

This recipe had mostly spices mixed in with the Tofutti sour cream.  It marinated for a short while and then was grilled.  Another easy dish that was not time consuming.

Do check out what the other Ellie cooks have made and if there were any changes.  Eating with Ellie has all of our recipes so far and links to each of the cook's creations.  If you are interested in finding out more about our group and Ellie Krieger, we would love to have you join us.

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  1. Chaya, I just did mine in the pan, no grill. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Oh, you did a much better job of grilling your chicken than I did...I used an indoor grill pan and I am just not that good on those. I need to practice more, yours looks fabulous. And, yes, Glennis is a wonderful person, I have been cooking with her for years an years and!

  3. Haha, it's impressive that you grilled outside. I don't even own an outdoor grill, so I used the grill pan, too. Your char marks look authentic, though. I only just got this posted today but I'm glad I did.

  4. Funny, Chaya!
    The chicken looks good--I don't think I've ever had an Ellie Krieger I didn't like.

  5. I love the crispy topping even tho mine would not stay on the chicken. And I used an indoor grill skillet in my warm kitchen!!

    Glennis still loves us!!


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