Menu Plan Monday - Turkey Talk

Menu Plan Monday   -   Jul 13, 2015

In an effort to use my cookbooks more, I have pulled out one each week and gathered recipes that appeal to me. It is amazing, how many good recipes can be found in each book.  The result is inspiration and some mighty fine meals.

By looking into new authors/chefs, I am also picking up some excellent tips for cooking.  It is interesting how for years, I do something one way, read a line in a cookbook and find a better way.

I am a bit heavy on meat, this week, because for nine days, starting Friday, Jews do not meat because it is a time of mourning.  Next week will be lots of pasta, dairy and fish.

Sunday - Shabbos Leftovers

Monday -  Eggplant  Parmesan   

Tuesday - Turkey Pad That Salad - Ellie Krieger

Wednesday - Sweet Potato and Turkey Curry  
hursday -  Tuna Patties with Pasta  

Friday -Turkey  Shepherd's Pie with Sweet Potato Topping

Saturday - Chulent


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