Brussels Sprouts with Goat Cheese - Lunch

I am curious.  Is food fun for you?  Does blogging make it more fun?  Do you cook differently because you blog?  What is more interesting, the cooking, the blogging, the responses?  Are you eating more fattening food or healthier food?

When I went to make my lunch today, I realized how much more "exciting" it is, on a daily basis, for me to make and eat lunch. The idea that I am sharing it with you keeps me on the straight and narrow (most of the time). I am eating a healthier diet and I want it to be at least, a little bit interesting. I am referring to the food.

I could make a unique salad daily and I would be happy with it but that would get boring both for me and for you. It is more of a challenge, for me, to come up with something else. I am not looking for complicated or difficult. I still need something quick, easy and delicious.

To answer the above questions. Yep, food is fun for me, both cooking and blogging and I love you responses. I definitely cook differently, as the lunch demonstrates. It goes further, I like making new recipes to share with you. Instead of repeating the same meals a few times a month, we are eating different dishes, almost daily. Granted, I make mac and cheese, at least once a month, but I vary what goes into it. Who knew there were so many recipes for mac and cheese? Who knew, I could make up new and yummy variations? Who knew, I would become so much more comfortable with food? Who knew, I would not be afraid to try a new vegetable or a new technique?

Before, I ask you any more questions, let me share today's lunch. It almost could not get easier with four ingredients, one pot and a dish to eat from. OK, a fork too.

Garlic Brussels Sprouts with Goat Cheese


1 small package of brussels sprouts (I guess that is about a dozen.)

1/2 cup goat cheese

some drizzles of garlic rice vinegar

1/4 teaspoon honey


Put about two inches of water in saucepan. The goal is that it will be covering the brussels sprouts when they are put in.

Add brussels sprouts to the water after the water is boiling gently and cook for 7 minutes or tender,

Drain and place in the dish, you will be eating from. Sprinkle some garlic rice vinegar over the brussels sprouts (1-2 teaspoons). Add the honey and mix together.

Drop the goat cheese in small pieces on the brussels sprouts and mix very gently. Place in microwave for 1 minute, if you want the cheese to warm up and soften. Otherwise, it is time to eat.

I enjoyed this a lot. Of course, I think goat cheese makes anything better.

Despite the photo below, this is not a Bon Appetit recipe.  It is mine.  That was my reading material while I ate.  This month has some good tomato recipes that I want to make.  


  1. interesting way of making brussels sprouts new to me looks wonderful

  2. I always thought Brussels sprouts were supposed to be gross, but I tried them for the first time a few Thanksgivings ago, and they were delicious! Great post!

  3. Looks so appetizing! I love Brussels sprouts! In answer to your questions...I am about the same as you. I didn't always love to cook or bake until I got married. Now, I love it and it is fun for me. I love the challenges of always coming up with something new and tasty. I am one to constantly be trying something new each time I cook something ☺
    As far as blogging goes, I love everything about it. I enjoy getting a post prepared, which means I usually have to do something in the kitchen first LOL. But, I also love the comments that I receive. It's always nice to know that there is someone out there that is reading what you write. It's an added plus when they return over and over again ☺

  4. Yum - brussels sprouts and goat cheese is a favourite combination for me, especially with the addition of a little bit of bacon and walnuts. Intrigued by the inclusion of the garlic rice vinegar.

  5. I've never had brussels sprouts with goat cheese--but it sounds delicious.
    Thank you for linking with See Ya In the Gumbo. I appreciate that you take the time to do that each week.

    Food is fun for me, especially since I started blogging. It's taking photos that gives me fits! As for cooking differently, at first I thought "no, I don't." But after thinking about it, that's not true. Blogging has encouraged me to cook new/different things rather than the same dishes all the time. I've also become more tuned in to presentation and how the food I serve looks. But I think it's still the cooking that is most interesting to me. We eat a mix of foods, but since the focus of my blog is mostly Louisiana cooking, I post about home-cooking style foods most often.

    Commenting is something I've been thinking about lately. Like most bloggers, I enjoy comments. But I find it hard (time wise) to comment on other blogs and often feel guilty about that.

  6. Food is definitely fun for me, and your lunch looks delicious. I have to confess I don't really like goat's cheese, but there are so many other cheeses I could substitute. Thank you for the great inspiration!


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