FFwD "Nutella" Tartine

This week, at French Fridays with Dorie, we made decadence in disguise, maybe not really in disguise, but that works for me.  I don't have to face the chocolate in this recipe.

I don't use Nutella because it has dairy in it.  I do have a substitute for it which is chocolate with hazelnuts so it is most likely, the same.  

One of my favorites in life is marmalade on toast so this was ahead of the game, before I started, and it was not because of the Nutella.  I did not have brioche but I did have challah so that is what I chose to use.  The combo of orange and chocolate is always good so I was delighted with the whole package, when I took that first bite.

I didn't have hazelnuts so I subbed in almonds without hesitation.  This is a good recipe although not a great one.  I enjoyed it but my grandchildren would probably enjoy it, more.


  1. Question, is your hazelnut chocolate spread something that you make or purchase? My Maisie can't have dairy and she dearly misses her Nutella. Thanks. Lisa~~

  2. I couldn't find hazelnuts either so used pecans. This evening I ran in the grocery store and there was a tub full of hazelnuts!

  3. I never realized Nutella had dairy. I was drawn in by a "chocolate almond" spread at Trader Joe's yesterday. Next time I go I'll have to see if it likewise includes dairy.

  4. Looks great, and I like the substitutes. I'm not fond of nutella at all, but with the marmalade and nuts, I did
    enjoy it.


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