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I fought buying this book.  My logic was sound - the results were not.  I have been baking bar cookies for years and years.  I have a plethora of baking books.  The Internet has wonderful recipes.  Why would I need another cookbook?

Let me share with you that getting this book was a treat for myself, one I love, more and more, each day.  I am sitting here, not knowing where to start.  I adore this book and everything about it from its size to the recipes, photos, tips, friendliness and the clear but easygoing manner.  I am sure, there is a lot more, I am thrilled with and that hopefully will come out, as I share with you, my foodie friends.

Fat Witch Brownies

* All recipes fit an 9 x 9 inch  pan.

These were delicious and I can't wait to make more bars from this book.  Help me decide which I should start with. There are five sections:
  • Updated Classics
  • Delicious Decadence
  • Grown-Up Kid Stuff
  • Delightfully Different
  • Over-the-Top Toppings
Look at my brownies.  Do they need a topping? Nope, not at all - which is why I was not interested in the last section.  I was too entranced with the first four.

These are the recipes, I am looking at, first.  Let me know which ones, you think, I should start with.

Frozen Cream Cheese Brownies
Raspberry Brownies with White Chocolate Chips
Berry Good Bars (this one I can make for hubby)
Apple  Spice Bars (also for hubby)
Butterscotch Flip
Cinnamon Ginger Brownies
Cranberry Blondies (hubby)
Cardomom Bars (another for hubby)
Orange Walnut Bars

The list is really a lot longer.  The variety of bars is appealing, making a selection, almost impossible.

I do not want to post the recipe here since Fat Witch does not share most of the recipes, online.  I did find it on Plain Chicken and I think, if you try it, you just might want to get the book with the remaining recipes.

You will find opinions of the brownie and book on Plain Chicken, also so go on over and see for yourself.

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  1. I love these brownies!! They are amazing.

    I've made the cream cheese brownies too - YUM!

    1. I want to make the cream cheese brownies also. I am glad to hear, you like them.

  2. These brownies does look delicious! I almost bought this book and like you, have tons of cookbook and could not help adding more to the collection! Just purchased four more books and trying very hard not to buy anymore, at least for another 6 months! LOL!

    1. I relate to your buying books and then planning not to buy anymore for a while and then seeing a great value or a book, I have wanted for ages and getting it.

  3. I've been hearing so much about these brownies lately!

    1. They are really good and I think that people who make them, usually rave, although I have heard a few people say they are too cakey. Mine were not at all cakey.

  4. I love the Fat Witch baked goods -- I'll have to be on the lookout for the book! The brownies look amazing and you're right, they definitely do not need anything on top. The sections all sound like fun -- I'd be interested in the Delightfully Different and Grown-Up Kid Stuff! :)

    1. The variety of bars are interesting and there is hardly a recipe, I don't want to make.

  5. I'd love to see the Butterscotch Flips. My hubs is more of a toffee/blondie guy vs the chocolatey brownies that I love to make. Looking forward to seeing some of these.

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  7. Your brownies look so delicious! I'm going to have to try to get a copy of the Fat Witch Cookbook - the recipes sound amazing. As for the next one you should try, they all sound so good - but I'm intrigued by the Butterscotch Flips as well!

  8. wow..raspberry and white chocolate...it just SOUNDS good to me! Your brownies look absolutely perfect!! Baking brownies is fun for me...because everyone is happy when I make them!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  9. Thanks for sharing the review. I would start with raspberry brownies with white chocolate chips.


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