(Green Olive) Baked Chicken - Donna Hay

Oh, the silly things we do.......  We don't usually eat olives.  We don't particularly like them.  I had a bottle for the longest time and I never opened it so finally, I gave it away, right before I looked at what we would be cooking this month.  The result - no olives in this dish.

I find, there is a lot to laugh at, in cooking, serving and eating.  Over the years, I bet, we all have stories that we still giggle over.  Just the other day, I followed a recipe to make a baked blintz.  I put the butter in the microwave to melt and only remembered it after the blintz was almost done baking.  What a wonderful mistake.  I can not imagine that dish being any better than it was and now, I know not to add more fat to this recipe.

Hopefully, I will get that blintz blogged real soon.  It is scrumptious,

Tonight we made this yummy baked chicken in a flavored mixture of deliciousness.  I let mine marinade for a while which made it even tastier.  Without the olives, we still had a yummy chicken.  Another easy to make recipe from Donna Hay and the gals at WwDH.

Check Wednesdays with Donna Hay to see what the others made and what we be cooking in the near future.  Thanks to Peggy for such a wonderful selection.  You can find the recipe online and of course, in one of Donna's books, Off the Shelf.


  1. I love your story about the blintz! Yes we all do those things! I liked this dish. Glad you enjoyed it too!

  2. LOL, I always giggle over here. That is so funny you gave the olives away and then we had a recipe that used the olives. Looks good without them as well. We really liked this one...and we are big olive fans here so Mark was getting into the olive jar after he ate all his olives on his chicken...he's an olive nut. :-)


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