Burgers - Donna Hay

A while ago, Wednesday with Donna Hay's made  Beef Burgers!  Recipe can be found here.

I had chopped turkey so my beef burger is really a turkey burger.  I was in trouble again with the call for buns.  Since hubby has celiac, we do not have any hamburger buns, in the house and buying them, just for me, would be a waste.  So, my turkey burgers are nude.

Despite this, we were happy with these tasty burgers and finished them all up, quickly.  They were nice and thick and hubby kept telling me to press them down to be flatten.  I did not listen, as you can probably see.  The caramelized onions and tomatoes were to go on the bun with the burger so I served them, this way.


  1. Nude burgers are good for - glad you liked them.

  2. Nude burgers are even better as you save lots of unnecessary calories from wheat.


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