Menu Plan Monday

PhotobucketOur menu this week is selected purposely without meat and wine.  Today is the first day of the month of Av (Hebrew calendar) and it is a time of mourning, ending on the Ninth which is a 25 hour fast.  The exception is on the Sabbath when we can eat meat and drink wine.

You will, therefore see a week of dairy and vegetable and fish dinners.  Since, we eat little meat, this is not so different from the usual, at least for this family.  In terms of food, we hear many people expressing feelings of deprivation on these days because of the lack of meat.  They are frustrated, selecting food that is not meat or poultry.  

As you may imagine, not cooking with meat, is not much  of a challenge for us. 

My recipes this week come from Joy of Kosher, Jamie Geller's books or her website. 

 Sunday - Barbecue before the Nine Days begin  with Corn and Zucchini Combo

Monday - Chunky Dairy Ratatouille with Spinach Salad

Tuesday - Tex Mex Mac and Cheese with Green Beans (Donna Hay)

Wednesday - Salmon Burgers with Cucumber Dill Sauce and  Jumbo Potato Latke

Thursday - Loaded Bake Potato with a Chopped Salad

Shabbos Dinner - Friday Night - Chicken  Marsala with Mashed Root Vegetables

Saturday Evening - Fettucini Alfredo with Peas and a green salad

I am submitting this to Menu Plan Monday where you will find hundreds of menus, each week, to help you in your plans.


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