Warm Chicken Spaghetti Salad - Donna Hay

I remember, when I first started blogging and joined a few groups.  I was afraid to deviate from the assigned recipe and forced myself to follow directions, exactly.  Cooking was not fun.  Including spices, I knew hubby would not like, to be true to a recipe, was just plain silly.

I have grown up, since then, and now I make the proper adaptations, while attempting to stay true to the recipe. I write this because, this Donna Hay recipe is easy for me to stay true to.  As usual, she makes it easy with ingredients that are accessible and directions that can be followed with little effort.  What is amazing is how good Donna's food is.  This is another delicious recipe.

I did take one liberty and put the finished product in the microwave so I could serve it warm.  That is simply a personal preference.

This salad is easy to make.  The only cooking is that of the chicken cutlets and even that is a snap to make.  Throwing everything together is the key.  Spaghetti, chicken, tomatoes, spinach and dressing mixed up makes for a filling meal and a yummy dinner.  This would make a great lunch as well.

For me, the mustard in the dressing made the salad.  It was subtle but changed the whole dish.

My camera is broken and I have sent it away.  In the meanwhile, I will be using a sub-standard camera and I ask you to forgive the photos.  

Our weekly group is composed of a group of women who do justice to Donna's wonderful recipe so go on over and check what they have done.     Margaret        Kayte          Gaye     

This week's Wednesday with Donna Hay recipe is  chosen by Kayte  and found on  page 57 of Modern Classics Book I.

Oops, I forget.  I had two button mushrooms which I fried up and added so I can't say, I made no changes to the recipe.

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  1. This was good - but I didn't care for the dressing. I like the idea of the mushrooms. Next time I will add them.

  2. I agree - this was easy and good. Loved it.

  3. I think I would also like this warm (I don't care for cold chicken.) Thanks for linking this week!

  4. Happy you liked this recipe, definitely a keeper at our house!

  5. Where can I find the recipe? I had it many years ago and it was delicious!


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