Pasta with Mushrooms - Donna Hay

Usually, I cook on Tuesday night for the Donna Hay group.  Last night, I had a six o'clock meeting and decided leftovers would do for hubby.  We had a luncheon at school and I was not hungry.

Today, I had the best lunch, as a result of this mixed up schedule.  I made Margaret's choice, Pasta with Mushrooms which is from Off the Shelf and online HERE.

This was  easy as are so many of Donna Hay's recipes.  I had everything in the house.  I did make one major change.  The recipe calls for basil and we are growing basil but it has just begun to peek through and I am not ready to pick the little that is there.   I chose to use a vegetable instead and added a small amount of spinach, about a half of a cup.

This called for cream and a vegetable broth which makes for a delicious and creamy sauce.  A bit of orange pepper added to the pasta and mushrooms and this is just right.

Take a trip to:  Gaye      Kayte,        Margaret .

See what they have done with this dish. 


  1. I like the addition of the yellow pepper. Wish now I had added some red.

  2. Looks great. I tried to make the recipe as she stated just to see what it was like and it was fantastic. I can see lots of ways to change it up, too, but as written was really great with us. Nice to have Matt home for the summer to eat all the pasta dishes, never any leftovers of pasta dishes with him home!


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