Chocolate Marshmallow Puff Pastry Tart

After making the Farmer's Country Tart, I had to try another similar recipe but this time a sweet one.  I am not sure which of these two, I like more.  Both were a success.  Both are easy to make.  Both make the best use of puff pastry.

Chocolate Marshmallow Puff Pastry Tart


1 strip puff pastry
1/4 cup whipped cream cheese or bar cream cheese
1/4 cup Nutella or Mock Nutella (I have another brand.)
1/2 cup Marshmallow Fluff or Marshmallow Creme


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Cut a strip of puff pastry into 4 inch squares.  

With a knife, coat square with cream cheese.  On top of cream cheese, layer Nutella.  The top layer should be Marshmallow Fluff.

Use a knife to gently marbleize. 

Place on cookie sheet, sprayed lightly with cooking oil, and bake for 15 - 20 minutes.  When it turns golden brown, it is done.  Take a bite and you will smile.

* Sprinkle with powdered sugar or sprinkles, if you like.

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  1. Mmm, mouth-watering! Nutella and marshmallow fluff are a delicious combo for this tart. YUM!

  2. Nutella and Marshmallows.. thats certainely going to get any one drooled over dear..

    I have always tasted savory tarts, this might be the first time if I try this soon :)

  3. Ooh, this sounds delicious, and something my nieces will love!

  4. I love puff pastry. It turns simple ingredients into a special treat.

  5. *Sigh* Now I need to go defrost that puff pastry in my freezer... :)

  6. This is INSANE. Totally a dream-come-true kind of food for me!

  7. This sounds too easy - and easy desserts are dangerous!

  8. Yummmm!!! Nutella and marshmallow sounds awesome together!!!

  9. What a great combination of ingredients! So easy and so yummy.


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