Sukkot Dining - Menu Plan Monday

This week is truly unusual because of the Jewish holidays.  It is a time where families build a temporary dwelling to specification and eat in for the holiday.  Some men sleep in it, as well.  Here are some photos, I found online.


We begin eating in the sukkah on Wednesday night.  On the days that are festivals, we eat two major meals in the sukkah which means we have 6 meals and an extra meal on the Sabbath.  We cook for 7 large meals which keeps us busy.

Tonight, Monday and Tuesday are normal meals in the house but frankly, who feels like cooking when we want to cook for the holidays.  I will do the best I can with the plan but it is hard to be organized for the holidays, at this point.

Photos below are from Photobucket
Sunday - Spaghetti and browned chopped meat
transferred2008-06-20006.jpg image by CattyNancy
Monday - Noodles with ricotta and broccoli

Tuesday - Leftover chicken and rice casserole

Wednesday evening -    Breaded Chicken Cutlets

Thursday day - Chicken Teriyaki and Noodles

Thursday evening - Shepherds' Pie

Friday day - Sweet and sour meatballs

Friday evening - Chicken Pieces in a fruit sauce

Saturday lunch - Rolled in Pastry Deli, Franks in Blankets, Salads, Chulent

All these meals have a fish course, sometimes soup and kneidlach (matzah balls or kreplach), a few salads and a few sides.  The tentative plans are to have:
sweet potatoes and mango
butternut squash chunks in a coconut cream sauce
potato kugel
rice (either fried or herbed)
mashed potatoes
honey carrots
quinoa (new recipe with fruit)
kasha varnikes (kasha with onions, mushrooms and noodles)
apple kugel
(I figure two per meal so I still need a few more to make.)
We also have all kinds of salads.  If, I end up with any good ones that are a little different, I will share.

I started baking today.  So far, I made a Pear Nut Cake, Chewy Caramel Bars, 2 Chocolate Chip Coffee Cakes.  Baking is fun.  I found a mousse cake that looks interesting and Babka cupcakes which I would love to make but they make take too long to make.  Then, there are the standbys chocolate chip cookies, brownies and blondies.

My confession - by the second meal, I have no appetite and eat very little.  The kids do eat a lot, although that depends on which of my son's families, we are talking about.  The truth is, if I plan quantities carefully, I can avoid  much in the leftover category.

This is linked to Organizing Junkie where you will find a tremendous number of menus.  Stop there for ideas.


  1. Hi Bizzybakes,nice to know about Sukkot - Dining Menu.Luv the recipes U have listed here.Thanks for dropping in.

  2. The chicken and rise casserole and sweet and sour meatballs look heavenly!


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