Vegetarian Fried Rice From Ellie

On My Sweet and Savory, I posted this most delicious fried rice with chicken.  We absolutely adored it.  So, a few days later, I made it without the chicken, and it was almost as good which means, it was still fantastic.  This has to be a favorite meatless or with the chicken.  I think, it is all in the simple sauce that we used.  The CEiMB group made this recipe for January.  You can stop there to see the dishes other made.

If you are interested in this recipe, please go to My Sweet and Savory to get it and see the dish with chicken included.

I used cashews but Ellie Krieger used peanuts for the recipe.  For more healthy cooking with Ellie, join us at Craving Ellie with My Belly.

Veggie Version


  1. Hello Chaya!
    Your comment in my blog made me smile. I truly appreciate the sweet words you left for ome. IT inspired me to keep writing.
    I wll go ahead and check the recipe. I eat a lot of rice but nothing with nuts on it. I think I will love the texture and the flavor nuts add to the rice dish.
    Happy Sunday!

  2. I love this fried rice. It looks delicious!

  3. Vegetarian fried rice is delicious. Wonderful recipe.
    Thank you for your kind visit.
    Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday, Catherine xo


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